Friday, 27 May 2011

Nail Me?


Nail art is all the rage at the moment and my oh my have i seen the Good, the Bad and the Ugly...
Topshop are selling nail stickers at an extortionate rate (suprised?) I think experiment with brights, pastels, nudes, patterns, block colour and texture. This summer is all about trying something new, so why not something new for your nails?


Here is the New Jessica Runway Spring Collection.

Having a sister in Beauty means that i am always trying to keep myself groomed (or she tells me i'm not!)... She does some great creations with Jessica Nail Varnish's and OPI's new shatter nail varnish.. LOVE!

Can't wait to try NEW..... Jessica Geleration ........Amazing new treatment for natural nails that need longer lasting polish. If you are anywhere near Ruthin ( YES my little home town in Wales) then pop in to see Louise at Vanity Fayre for an appointment or more details!!!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I just fell off my chair...

Trawling through Fashion News and updates; Balmain are introducing a new line!

After Christophe Decarnin left Balmain earlier this year and Olivier Rousteing stepped into his position it was inevitable there was going to be some change. Rumour has it that the new 'Accessibly priced ready-to-wear range' will be showcased at New York Fashion Week in September. According to reports the new line will consist of both Men's and Women's clothing under the name Pierre Balmain but will be designed by a separate team with Olivier approving each design. Rousteing has a huge legacy to uphold and i wish him the best of luck let's just hope the jeans are cheaper than £2000.

Monday, 16 May 2011

To keep me smiling.

So exams are draggggggiiiinnnnggg on. I haven't been able to post for ages as revision has taken over my life so just a quicky, here is the background of my laptop at the moment, its a picture that i found in ELLE magazine some many moons ago and every time i look at it i think of sitting on that deck chair with a desperado in hand listening to Fat freddy's drop and of course my boyfriend sitting next to me.

Will be posting about my Summer Wish-list, Bath Fashion Museum and Boho soon.
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