Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Who are you? Who you are.


High street clothes may be seen and worn everywhere but i am a true believer that it is how its worn not what is worn. People snub topshop and say they don't want to be seen in the same clothes as other people but combining one-off's, vintage and self-made with high street brands creates some great looks.

Your style represents who you are depicts parts of your personality. The way a person dresses them-self tells me something about that person and although i am not judgemental and don't judge people on face value i can't help being observant.

A lot of my style ideas come from being observant, often when i am sitting in train stations items of clothing will catch my eye, i will remember them and think if that was mine what i would wear with it.
Knowing what suits your body, what compliments your figure and what conceals your flaws is very important. No-one is perfect and it is all about finding a style that you feel comfortable in.

Use cut-outs from magazines, ideas from people on the streets, movies, television, anything. 

Your eyes will inspire.

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